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As one of the Promotional Products Industries Top 40 suppliers, Aprinta Group, LLC, has managed to become one of the preferred vendors for the nation’s top distributors of promotional products by consistently supplying quality goods at competitive prices. However, Aprinta Group, LLC goes beyond the product, offering top notch services to ensure that your client is getting exactly what they need to execute the perfect marketing program. It is what makes us a leading supplier in the promotional products industry – and more importantly one you can trust.

Brand and Marketing Strategy:

Brand recognition is crucial in today’s market. Aprinta Group, LLC has worked with the nation’s top distributors and their clients on BRAND AND MARKETING strategies that get them noticed. Incentive Programs, Reward Programs, Point of Sale, GWP, or other consumer promotions are only some of the programs we can assist you with. Any logo or branding can be applied to our products through processes of screen printing, dying, embossing, de bossing or embroidery. We work with our clients to adjust designs that cater to the needs of the end user and can even assist with logo design and amendments to make custom branding work best for you.

Design & Development

Aprinta Group, LLC has a full service Art, Design and Development Team. From designing logos to creating new and unique products, we strive to meet the client's needs and to exceed their expectations.

Our ART department excels in producing customized artwork, from concept to completion. We know the limitations of each product and are experts at ensuring your client’s branding is imprinted to guarantee satisfaction. Our in-house art department uses state of the art computer graphics as well as traditional renderings and illustration techniques.

We have a highly experienced design staff with unique and creative spirits. Our Technical Design teams have worked with thousands of clients to ensure we produce exactly what is needed for a given project. Our biggest strength is what we have learned through first hand experience; which items are best to manufacture in our own factories, and when it is more appropriate to source the project to one of our trusted factories. We work directly with our client’s creative teams to guarantee accuracy of all specifications, making sure your initial design maintains the same effect through production.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Aprinta Group, LLC has built its reputation on high quality products and superior service. Regardless of the factory in which we choose to manufacture your order, we maintain the same standards of stringent quality assurance. Our QC team oversees and manages all orders at each stage of the process, from sample design, to final production and delivery. We stand by the quality of every product we manufacture, and guarantee our clients satisfaction.

Aprinta Group, LLC is in the process of becoming C-TPAT certified (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism). Our staff in our China office’s inspects each shipment for quality and quantity accuracy before shipping in order to ensure that the cargo is accurately described. We inspect and verify the weights, labels, marks, and piece count. Our team takes pictures and sends reports back to our U.S. office after inspection is completed.

We require a seven-point inspection process for all containers. These quality control policies assure that Aprinta Group, LLC produces the highest quality product with the greatest attention to detail.

Export and Importing Services

Moving your products from an offshore contract manufacturer is a complex process and unless you know how to navigate the maze, the cost savings you gained from manufacturing your product in China can be lost. At Aprinta Group, LLC we take care of this maze for you. Aprinta Group, LLC always has a current Import/Export license, and our logistics department is devoted entirely to handling each facet of the exporting process. Whether dealing with taxes, insurance, customs, proper documents, or the shipping of raw materials to China, our professionals will guide you through the process seamlessly.

Warehousing and Fulfillment

Whether a small or large program, Aprinta Group, LLC offers our clients order fulfillment and warehouse management. We understand that many of our customers are not equipped to handle the warehousing or order fulfillment needs of their clients. Aprinta Group, LLC can help with the back end operations of your organization, offering savings on storage, shipping and logistics that might not be available to our customers We will pick, pack and ship your clients product based on their fulfillment needs, at all times representing your company’s image and standards of customer satisfaction.

Decorating Capabilities

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the application of color directly to the surface of an item. Up to 6 colors are available. Exact PMS match not available.


Debossing uses a metal plate to depress an image directly into product surface.


ColorFil™ uses a deboss die to depress a screen printed design into the product surface. Up to 6 colors available.


Branding utilizes a heated, metal die to burn an image into the surface of natural leather products.

Foil Stamp (Hot Stamp)

Foil stamping applies foil using a die to apply an image to the surface of vinyls and some leathers.


FoilFil™ combines foil stamping with a deboss imprint to create extra dimension; available on select vinyl products.

DartDome™ and LogoShield™

DartDome™and LogoShield™ are 4 color process imprints with hand-poured epoxy added to increase dimension and shine on logos. Stock shapes may include square, oval, rectangle or circle.


ImageColor™ is a patented imprint method providing full color art duplication applied directly to vinyl in almost any contour or shape.


Colormation® is a patented full color imprint applied to buff leather coasters.


MetaLogo™ is a distinctive etched metal medallion created in either antique gold or silver finish. Medallion is placed in debossed area creating a sleek look.


MetaLogo™ is a distinctive etched metal medallion created in either antique gold or silver finish. Medallion is placed in debossed area creating a sleek look.

Laser Engraving

A laser is used to etch an imprint into a metal or leather surface. Precise and can show extreme detail.

Pad Printing

Pad printing transfers an image onto a 3-D object. This is accomplished using an indirect printing process that involves an image being transferred from the printing plate using a silicone pad onto the product.

360° Imprint

A screen printed design printed all the way around the entire barrel of a pen.

Raised Imprint

The imprint you can feel – a clear ink is screen printed and "raises" above the surface of a pen to create a unique fee.

Mural™ Imprint

Digital, full color printing directly onto the surface of some vinyl and leather products. Photo-real technology prints true detail and color.


Sublimation is basically a heat transfer. The artwork is printed on special paper using special inks. Then, the special paper is lined up on the fabric and heat is applied. The heat converts the inks directly from a solid to a gas, causing them to bond with the fibers of the material. Once cooled, the inks revert to a solid again, permanently "staining" the fabric. Gradations and half tones look great when using this process. Colors can blend back and forth smoothly. The overall effect is a vibrant, colorful image that looks like it was woven into the fabric.

PrismPrint™ and AvaColor

Avacolor and PrismPrint showcase full color logos or graphics using heat transfer. Heat transfers provide multi-color printing at affordable pricing. Art is printed on special paper and heat is used to transfer the image to an item. Beautiful, vivid, full color or multi color images, intricate detail, tones and gradations, and photo quality representation.


Embroidery is a method of decorating fabric using colored thread to create an image.

Full Color Wraps

Refers to full color decorating on select key-ring lites, tumblers and pencils.

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